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Love is in the Air
was published on 20 March, 2015. It contains Love poems from famous poets and love quotations all illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs taken by the author.

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  • Free photography sessions for individuals, couples, groups.
  • Quality stock photographs for your web sites, magazines, brochures or any other publication also available by instant download.
  • Photographic prints on quality paper or fine art canvas.
  • Hundreds of other photographic products from mouse mats to T-shirts all available with your favourite photos.

These services and products are all available from this web site, or links on it. The first point that I have made above is elaborated upon further down towards the bottom of this page.

If you read my brief biographical details on some of the library sites linked to this one, you will probably read that Photography is not my job..., it’s my passion. My primary vocation is in the area of Adult Education. However, now I am in semiretirement and I have more available time to pursue photography. It will never become “work” however, because if it did I would not enjoy it as much.

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It’s Ian McKenzie here.

This site was updated Sunday, 24 January, 2016

The photo to the left is a few years old now. The grey colour has now gone all the way from my chin to the top of my scalp. There is a saying that “you are only as old as the person you feel”. If that saying is correct, then my age varies between 20 and 100. Luckily most of the time it is at the lower end of the scale.

It seems that the spammers have been out in force. I did have a bulletin board attached to this site that all genuine users were very welcome to use. The spammers have left heaps of rubbish which I have not only cleared, but I decided to delete the bulletin board completely.

Isn’t it a great pity that we have such inconsiderate idiots out there on the WWW who spoil things for everyone else!

The only shooting I do is with my cameras. But the subjects of my shots are varied, anything from pets to people, from macro shots of flowers to jumping crocodiles.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and now that I am in semiretirement I have more time for myself and my passions such as photography.

I have commenced contributing to several photo library sites. By continually trying to produce high quality files for these sites, hopefully my photography will be on a continuous improvement cycle.

Free photography sessions for individuals, couples, groups.

This is the first dot point which I listed at the top of this page. Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, it is true, but I do have some conditions attached. Let my try and explain the situation to you.

You may have also read at the top of this page that Photography is not my job, and I don’t want it to be. I don’t want to have the responsibility of shooting weddings or commercial photography. The pressures and stresses associated marketing, invoicing and tight time commitments are not for me. As I mentioned, I am in semiretirement, I want to enjoy myself. Part of that enjoyment for me is pursuing my interests, my passions, but at my own pace.

About half way through 2011, I started submitting some of my photographs to microstock photo library sites. The challenge involved in this I have enjoyed and it has made me constantly look at the work I am producing and consider if and how I can do it better. I have been involved in discussion forums and read on web sites that even the best known photographers submitting to these sites on occasions get rejections.

Graphic Artists are one of the main groups of people accessing files from photo library sites. Any magazine that you look through, many flyers, brochures and even published books are likely to have a fair percentage of “royalty free” photos which have been purchased from photo libraries.

There are currently tens of millions of photos online available from these photo libraries. There are around thirty libraries that are currently in the market place, and of these about six are quite large some boasting that they have in excess of ten million photos on file.

Obviously it is a very competitive market place. Even though there is very little money involved, I do feel more than a bit chuffed when I see that I have made a sale or sales.

The main subject that is in demand by these libraries is people. Ordinary everyday people as well as extraordinary people. People involved in various life-style events, working, playing, cooking, eating ..., or whatever.

To provide material for these sites I need models. The models don’t have to be beautiful eighteen year olds..., though I can use them too. They can be people of either gender and of any age. Generally it would help if they were doing something, involved in some sort of activity, and not just posing. Couples and groups of people are fine..., probably even better than individuals. There is no reason also why “Fido” the pet dog, or “Tweetie” the pet budgie can’t be involved also.

There is no set formula, almost anything is possible. Settings can be indoor, outdoor or both. Family shots with individual members involved in their various interests would be great.

I am interested in photographing people of both genders and all ages for submission to photo library sites. The subject matter can be almost anything, but adults in business situations is of particular interest. Also adults involved in almost any occupation. Children at parties, playing or doing almost anything that children do is also of interest. If you live in or near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and you are interested in “getting shot”, then please contact me. I have my contact information listed below.

Here is the deal. If we agree to mutually satisfactory subject(s), time and place, I shall take a series of high quality photographs. There will be no charge for this, and the “models” (or parents of the models) will receive file copies of all photographs for their own use. These file copies will normally be at 300dpi and of a size that is suitable for posting on web pages etc.. They will also have a small unobtrusive watermark, normally towards the bottom of the photograph. In exchange for this I expect to receive signed model and/or property releases in order for me to publish the photos on stock library sites provided they are of suitable quality and appropriate.

I have listed plenty of links to shots that I have taken for you to browse.

Consider what the normal cost would be for a family photo shoot, or a couple or individual shoot. This is a WIN/WIN situation for both you and for me.

I am a great believer in the power of synergy. That is, one plus one, plus one, can equal far more than three. People combining their thoughts and energies can come up with something really great.

I live south of Brisbane, but I am willing to travel some distance for a shoot. If you are reading what I have written here, have a think about it. Discuss it with your partner/friends/family/work colleagues or whoever.

This is a web site on the World Wide Web. So people reading this could be located anywhere. Obviously, for this project I am targeting people who live geographically close to me i.e. somewhere in south east Queensland. So, if you are in California, or the UK, thanks for reading but at this stage we will not be able to work together. If you are in the “targeted” group and you are interested, feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss any options.

My mobile is 0403 543 827. If the phone is turned off when you call, leave a short message, or an even better alternative is to leave a short text message.

Another alternative, would be to leave a short message for me on my Linkedin site, my personal Facebook page, or the Passionate About Photography Facebook page.

During 2012 I established my own Photo Gallery on this site. This current update to the site is being done in February, 2013. I don’t at the present time plan on uploading any more photos to this site. The main reason for this is that I have now published my own Stock Photo Library Site. It is called 21c Stock Photos. All future quality photos I take of models and other subjects will be published there.

Another new photography that I have published for the first time in February 2013, is Ian Does Photography. That site will give you additional information. Anyone with whom I have worked with regard to photography is invited to contact me. I shall give you a special code which you can use at the checkout of 21c Stock Photos, which will give you a significant discount of the already inexpensive prices on the site.

Links to photo galleries I have on various other sites are placed throughout this web site.


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